About ALA.


What is the Agile Leadership Academy?

While the benefits of Agile methods have sparked a wave of fulfillment and collaboration on teams worldwide, now senior managers and executives hold the key to spreading Agile methods across silos and deep into the non-IT departments of their enterprises.

The Agile Leadership Academy™ (ALA™)’s one-year long, experiential set of workshops and projects takes senior management and executives on a journey of personal growth and learning, giving them peer support and tools to take their organizations to the next level of agility.

The value of the ALA program is found in its mission of shaping organization wide agility through a new generation of Agile executives. Rather than allow Agile principles to be misinterpreted and methods mistreated, we are taking a proactive approach to coaching executives in embodying agile and influencing culture from the top down.  Because of the inherent ability of leaders to ignite change, we want to help them shape the lives of their employees.

Onsite Visits

site-visitAgile Leadership Academy Delegates start each workshop with a trip to a mature Agile organization.  Site Visits provide a unique view into the inner workings and challenges of implementing agility in major organizations.

Guest Speakers

jjWhile the Agile Leadership Academy itself is framework and methodology neutral, guest speakers provide insight into specific tools and processes which delegates can choose to implement.  JJ Sutherland from Scrum, Inc. provided a fantastic introduction to Scrum at Scale for the 2016-2017 cohort.

Networking Events

imag3984The DC area is home to passionate agilists and forward thinking organizations.  Each ALA workshop features an evening reception with agile executives, ALA ambassadors, and prominent guests.

Meet Our Ambassadors

Agile Leadership Academy Ambassadors are a global representation of industry leaders who have transformed lives and organizations with Agile methods.

Sanjiv Augustine

Ambassador, USA

Meet Sanjiv

Arlen Bankston

Ambassador, USA

Meet Arlen

Jeff Sutherland

Ambassador, USA

Meet Jeff

Allison Wade

Ambassador, USA

Meet Allison

Naresh Jain

Ambassador, India

Meet Naresh

Dot Tudor

Ambassador, UK

Meet Dot

Bob Schatz

Ambassador, USA

Meet Bob

Mack Adams

Ambassador, Canada

Meet Mack

Pat Reed

Ambassador, USA

Meet Pat

Maria Matarelli

Ambassador, USA

Meet Maria

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