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Organizations like Apple and Uber have demonstrated that competing and winning in today’s environment requires more than just rolling out products rapidly; it requires an understanding of the entire customer experience.  The rapid rise of methods like the Lean Startup, IDEO’s Design Thinking and Lean UX is clear indication that companies understand the value of this perspective. 


But what is an agile leader’s role in design and product management?  Primarily, these techniques form a framework for aligning a company’s strategy more closely with true customer and market demands; that is, simply building better products and services.  Agility at the team level also provides richer information on how offerings are being received, helping leaders to tune their plans based on solid data.  Finally, a leader has to create and nurture an environment in which teams can effectively innovate, test and learn, which has implications for portfolio management, risk management, marketing and more. 


Join us at the third session of the Agile Leadership Academy and learn how to lead and nurture a truly innovative organization.



ALA Blog
Have questions on the leadership role in an agile transformation? Watch this playlist to hear Sanjiv’s Augustine’s answers to common questions about scaling agile from an executive perspective.
  • How does a leader spark an agile transformation?
    • Change has to start somewhere.
    • Even in a constrained part of the organization, create a foundation for change.
    • Transformation can take years, but it always starts with an individual leader
  • What do executives need to know about scaling? 
    • Take a pragmatic approach and don’t get tied to any tool, framework, process or method
    • Go back to the basics
    • Understand the strengths of your organization and adopt practices that amplify those strengths
    • Learn foundational Lean principles (manage work in process and flow)
    • Assess which elements to use from which framework
  • How should executives approach scaling agile?
    • Figure out your role as a leader and understand how to enable the chosen scaling approach
    • Learn LitheSpeed’s three steps of Agile transformation: Assess, Align, Accelerate
      • Assess: Benchmarking – an unbiased and accurate assessment
      • Align: Get the organization ready to undertake a transformation
      • Accelerate: Clearly lay out a vision, train to build capabilities
  • How do I get others on board?
    • Prepare your team
    • Make sure the vision is clear and your team understands and appreciates the goal
  • What is unique about the ALA Scaling Agility workshop?
    • Peer feedback in a trusting environment of executives and mentors
    • Expert guidance to distinguish between the different scaling methods
    • Exposure to foundational lean principles
Join Sanjiv and the Agile Leadership Academy team September 12-13 for the ALA Scaling Agility workshop.  Register here. Have any questions?  Drop us a line at