AGENDA: DevOps in the Enterprise Tools are in bold.
  • DevOps from a Leader’s Perspective
    • The Historical Perspective
    • Benefits of DevOps
    • Common Challenges to Adoption
    • The DevOps Game
  • Elements of DevOps
    • Leadership in a DevOps Organization
    • Configuration Management
    • Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery
    • Testing Strategies
    • Components & Services
    • Continuous Operations
    • DevOps Opportunity Visualizer
  • Fostering a DevOps Culture
    • The Silo Challenge
    • Management Realignment
    • Hiring & Training for DevOps
    • DevOps Cultural Transformer
  • Patterns of DevOps Transformation
    • The State of DevOps Today
    • DevOps Adoption & Transformation Patterns
    • Leading by Example
    • Your Personal Plan for DevOps

Transform Your Organization


[retinaiconbox icon=”bar-chart” color=”#F12B3B” background=”#efefef” title=”Faster Results”]Align teams and accelerate change.



[retinaiconbox icon=”trophy” color=”#F12B3B” background=”#efefef” title=”Higher Quality”]Using Agile methods, teams hold themselves accountable to continuously improve.



[retinaiconbox icon=”beaker” color=”#F12B3B” background=”#efefef” title=”Unparalleled Innovation”]Play on strengths and learn how to drive fast paced innovation.


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