DevOps in the Enterprise.

Academy Roadmap

During one-day workshops, dive into case studies and intense enterprise-focused Lean & Agile methods. Learning alongside other executives, craft your Agile leadership strategy to deliver faster results, higher quality, and unparalleled innovation.

AGENDA: DevOps in the Enterprise

Tools are in bold.

  • DevOps from a Leader’s Perspective
    • The Historical Perspective
    • Benefits of DevOps
    • Common Challenges to Adoption
    • The DevOps Game
  • Elements of DevOps
    • Leadership in a DevOps Organization
    • Configuration Management
    • Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery
    • Testing Strategies
    • Components & Services
    • Continuous Operations
    • DevOps Opportunity Visualizer
  • Fostering a DevOps Culture
    • The Silo Challenge
    • Management Realignment
    • Hiring & Training for DevOps
    • DevOps Cultural Transformer
  • Patterns of DevOps Transformation
    • The State of DevOps Today
    • DevOps Adoption & Transformation Patterns
    • Leading by Example
    • Your Personal Plan for DevOps


Transform Your Organization

Faster Results

Align teams and accelerate change.

Higher Quality

Using Agile methods, teams hold themselves accountable to continuously improve.

Unparalleled Innovation

Play on strengths and learn how to drive fast paced innovation.



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