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Pat Reed has been solving technology problems, designing and delivering cutting edge solutions, developing leaders and driving transformational change for over 35 years. Throughout her career leading Business Technology Solutions, Pat has leveraged Adaptive Leadership, Lean Agile Project Management and Software Development principles and practices in the Mental Health, Criminal Justice, Criminal Intelligence, Entertainment & Retail Industries. For the past 8 years, before co-founding iHoriz, she led ITStrategic Planning, Global PMO, Portfolio Management, Risk and Vendor Management, Compliance and IT Finance at Gap and her accomplishments include developing an Agile Portfolio Management capability, an Agile Accounting model and world class Value Management and  Adaptive Career and Performance Management frameworks.

Pat is a thought leader in addressing some of the key challenges that block large scale Agile Enterprise adoption, such as Agile Accounting, Capitalization, Budgeting and Compliance; and directs the Agile Accounting Program for the Agile Alliance to support organizations address these challenges.

Pat has15 years executive experience as Executive Director of IT at Walt Disney Pictures and Television where she developed and delivered cutting edge applications and systems for the Motion Picture Group and Feature Animation, followed by 5 years at GE/NBC/Universal Studios in Motion Pictures Production where she also served as CIO at Gameworks as a joint venture between Universal, Sega and Dreamworks. Pat started her career as a behavioral psychologist and after 6 years in community mental health, transitioned to Criminal Intelligence at the Colorado Bureau of Investigation designing and developing criminal intelligence and forensic systems until she was recruited by The Walt Disney Company.

Pat has a passion for teaching technology, systems analysis, agile development, artificial intelligence and process improvements courses with over 35 years of experience as an adjunct professor at the University of Denver (DU), Woodbury University and UC Berkeley Extension where she developed a certification program in Agile Management. She introduced Ohio State University to Agile methods and inspired them to incorporate Gap’s Agile Methodology into their computer science curriculum. She also co-founded PMI’s Agile Community of Practice.

Pat served as a Director on the Agile Alliance Board and  co-chaired the 2011 Agile Executive Forum  with Jim Highsmith; on the Executive Council on the Agile Leadership Network and is a frequent keynote speaker. She has earned an MBA & BS in Psychology (from the University of Illinois) and is active in PMI and the Bay Area Project Leaders Network, teaching at UC Berkeley Extension and consulting as principal agile management consultant with iHoriz Inc. leading Business Agility and Adaptive Leadership Workshops and transformations all over the world.

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