Agile Leadership Academy 2017-2018

Accelerated Graduate-style Executive Leadership Program

Foundations Workshop

Scrum Alliance CAL 1

Workshops & Site Visits

Mentor calls & Projects

ALA Certified Graduate™

Alumni Circle
Foundations of Lean & Agile Leadership

Sept 17-18, 2018 + CAL 1

Leader's Approach to Scaling with Agility

Dec. 17-18, 2018

Lean Product Mgmt and Design

March 12-13, 2018 $2500

Business Agility: The Agile Organization

May 14-15, 2018 $2500

Herndon, VA

Join the Agile Leadership Academy 2017-2018 in the DC Metro area.

Scrum Alliance Certified Agile Leadership

Earn the Scrum Alliance Certified Agile Leadership Credential 1 through the ALA Foundations of Lean and Agile Leadership Workshop, and work with our mentors to qualify for the CAL II through validated practice and advanced learning. Contact us to explore.

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What will I learn?

This is a leadership journey for executives who are eager to learn how to employ agility at a large scale and want to explore ways to better manage major change initiatives for enterprises employing 10,000s.  In the Agile Leadership Academy, you learn how to fix structure to enable culture.  Look at your organization through the lens of the digital playing field and explore how to: Enable organizational agility by evolving processes and structures to be more lean and able to respond quicker to change and deliver value faster to customers.   Establish a culture of “fail fast, fail forward” by developing customer focused, rapid iteration build/measure/learn experiments using lean principles to uncover new product solutions validated by your customers.   Identify your digital product landscape by focusing on customer touch points (e.g. like, evaluate, buy, consume, and seek support) with your products and services across their journeys with your organization.   Ensure devops is a priority business strategy to enable your digital delivery pipeline to deliver on cadence and deploy at will to ensure optimum time to market and return on investment.   Institute and leverage a data strategy to help uncover what your customer is doing at all interactions of their journey with your organization. Leverage your customer data to help uncover new value propositions to validate with experimentation.

Why the Agile Leadership Academy?

The Agile Leadership Academy’s one-year long, experiential set of workshops and projects takes senior management and executives on a journey of personal growth and learning, giving you peer support and tools to take your organization to the next level of agility.  Rather than allow Agile principles to be misinterpreted and methods mistreated, we are taking a proactive approach to coaching executives in embodying agile and influencing culture from the top down.  Because of the inherent ability of leaders to ignite change, we want to help you shape the lives of your employees and enable agile methods in your organization.

Hear from ALA Founders


Program Features

Site visits: We transport you to a DC area agile company for a presentation, tour, and meeting with leaders of agile practices. Previous site visits have included The Motley Fool, Walmart Technology, USCIS, and Opower. Mentor Calls: After each workshop, stay connected to the facilitators with monthly mentor calls to knock down any blockers you have to agility at your company. Receptions: On day 1 of each workshop, relax and network at a mixer with facilitators, agile thought leaders, executives, and fellow program participants. Free events: Agile DC Executive Summit and Lean+Agile DC are free to attend with registration for corresponding workshops (September and May).

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Hear from ALA Graduates


Topic Highlights
  1. Lean-Agile PMO

  2. Agile Governance

  3. Enterprise Barriers to Innovation

  4. Agile Performance Management

  5. Agile Change Management Approaches

  6. Agile Principles Applied to Business Operations

  7. Agile Metrics at the Project, Program, and Portfolio Levels

  8. DevOps from a Leadership Perspective

  9. Product Leadership Roles

Sample Tools
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