Academy Roadmap

During four one-day workshops, dive into case studies and intense enterprise-focused Lean & Agile methods. Learning alongside other executives, craft your Agile leadership strategy to deliver faster results, higher quality, and unparalleled innovation.

As Agile methods evolve and Agile adoptions mature, the need to grow leaders who nurture Agile transformations and align with the corresponding cultural change has become critical.

Based on 15+ years of experience with enterprise Agile adoptions, landmark thought leadership and ideas curated from our Executive networks and summit events, the Agile Leadership Academy™ will prepare you to create and lead an Agile organization.

  • Executive Network
    • Join an elite group of peers on a shared journey of learning, discovery and self-development. Learn among top ranked executives and build a network to share experience and learn faster.
  • Practical Tools
    • Take action by applying new tools and proven methods to your organization each quarter. Undertake transformative projects with support from Agile experts and bring your findings back to the cohort for executive retrospectives.
  • Elite Credentials
    • ALA Certified Graduates™ shape the future of agility in their organizations and across the world. Join the inaugural wave of agile leaders transforming the way business is done.
  • Site Visits & Cultural Knowledge
    • Visit the offices of enterprises transformed by Agile to explore real life scenarios and successes. Gain insight from organizational development enthusiasts and Agile thought leaders. Share findings through open space discussions with experts and peers.


Transform Your Organization

Faster Results

Align teams and accelerate change.

Higher Quality

Using Agile methods, teams hold themselves accountable to continuously improve.

Unparalleled Innovation

Play on strengths and learn how to drive fast paced innovation.



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