Scaling with Agility.

Academy Roadmap

During four one-day workshops, dive into case studies and intense enterprise-focused Lean & Agile methods. Learning alongside other executives, craft your Agile leadership strategy to deliver faster results, higher quality, and unparalleled innovation.

What is unique about the ALA Scaling with Agility workshop:

AGENDA: Scaling with Agility

Tools are in bold.

  • A Survey of Scaling Patterns
    • Scaling vs. Growing Agile
    • SAFe
    • LeSS
    • Nexus
    • Pattern Selector
  • Scaling Projects & Teams
    • How to Build an Agile Team
    • Projects vs. Continuous Flow
    • Agile in Distributed, Offshore & Outsourced Environments
    • Agile Environments & Work Spaces
    • Agile Team Construction Set
  • Managing Portfolios & Programs
    • Agile Portfolio Management Explained
    • Meaningful Metrics & Reporting
    • Forming an Agile PMO
    • Agile Portfolio Board Designer
  • Budgeting & Funding
    • Agile Budgeting & Financial Management
    • Agile Estimation & Forecasting
    • Agile Financial Transformer


Transform Your Organization

Faster Results

Align teams and accelerate change.

Higher Quality

Using Agile methods, teams hold themselves accountable to continuously improve.

Unparalleled Innovation

Play on strengths and learn how to drive fast paced innovation.



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